Eating and Drinking in Kyrgyzstan

Eating and Drinking in Kyrgyzstan

If you travel Kyrgyzstan,here are few tips and information about Eating and Drinking in Kyrgyzstan.

Shashlik (mutton pieces, grilled over charcoal fire) and Lipioschka (round, unleavened bread) are often offered by the roadside.

Plov is a Central Asian dish of fried rice with turnips and Geschnetzeltes Hammelstückchen, served with bread. Laghman is a noodle soup with mutton and vegetables. If you order Beshbarmak, you get noodles in clear broth served with grated, boiled meat. Schorpo is a meat soup with potatoes and vegetables. Manty (steamed dumplings with meat and vegetables), Samsa (with meat or vegetable stuffed dumplings) and Tschibureki (fried pastries) are popular snacks.

Eating and Drinking in Kyrgyzstan


Black or green tea are the most popular drinks. Koumis (fermented mare’s milk) is slightly alcoholic. Other specialties include Dsharma (drink made from fermented barley flour) and Boso (drink made from fermented millet, which tastes similar to beer).


Since the Silk Road passed through the land, the people came with many other cultures in contact – as the Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Russian and the European Union. All these transients people supplemented and influenced the best dividend food culture. As elsewhere in the world , in Kyrgyztan also you can find the Fast Food – particularly of course in the cities.
Generally, one can distinguish the cuisine of Central Asia after three spheres of influence:

The food of the nomads, which consists mostly of meat, dairy products and bread.
The food of the immigrant Turkish peoples – such as the Uzbeks and Uyghur –
From the South – Iran, India , Pakistan and China -from Pilaff, kebabs and noodles, stew, cake doughs and various types of bread, and their native food that is provided with many spices and fresh herbs.

The Kyrgyz cuisine is overall very meaty. Vegetables are very little eaten by people. The national dish of Kyrgyz is Beshbarmak. It consists of boiled meat and noodles. There is also pelmeni (dumplings known from Russia), Lagman (noodles with vegetables) or Plow (rice with meat), but also shashlik or Manti .
Meal is served usually with flatbread or Borsok (a Deep-fried bread). Since the food is quite rich in fat, the bread should eat with this. Also there you will find Kaimak which is a creamy diary product with water buffalo ,cows or sheep milk . Very popular Airan (yogurt) and Süsmö (a kind of cottage cheese) are also must try food in Kyrgysztan.
In general, for the Kyrgyz kitchen that gives their original taste and even to get their original looks, you need to follow these tips.With their cuisine, it is unusual to puree foods, to chop or particularly small to cut. Sauces and spices are generally used only in small quantities .This is with the exception of the South part.

Kumis is fermented mare’s milk. It tastes sour and has a low alcohol content.

Behavior while eating

The Kyrgyz people are considered as very hospitable. If you are out to dinner, it is a good custom to bring a small gift such as Flowers or fruit for your visitor.

When you enter a home, you should take off the shoes. In the case of an outdoor picnic, a colorful large cloth spread on the ground, prepared and served the food on it (Dostorhon).
When eating with shoeless feet ,you should stay far away from the Dostorhon. At the end of a meal a person will hold his hands over his face and makes movements. That recalls a face wash. Particularly polite gesture speaking will be there with Kyrgyz people .Also the offered alcoholic beverages should not refuse, but drink with moderation.

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