Getting Inflight Wifi Free : The Best Methods

Getting Inflight Wifi Free

Are you traveling frequently? Or are you a business traveller who likes to stay connected during your long hour flight? Whatever the reason it is, having wifi is beneficial to stay connected during your journey! Most of the airlines provide the inflight WiFi facility to make your journey comfortable. However you have to pay a considerable amount for enjoying Wi-Fi during your flight.

On the other way for most of the people it is not easy to stay away from the internet for few hours. With the modern facilities and entertainment options, having on air wifi facility is really precious to enjoy a pleasant inflight experience.

Currently there are inflight wifi providers available with different payment options. However Gogo inflight WiFi is the largest Wi-Fi provider among the other providers available. Gogo provides few different inflight wifi packages with different options. These packages are prepaid and you can buy before you fly. For example if you like to stay connected for 24 hours then you can purchase All-Day pass which is valid on participating air lines. The downside is that this pass is valid for 1 year only. Once your flight reaches its destination and prepares for landing, Gogo wifi will become unavailable. If you don’t use any leftover credits within the validity period you may not be able to utilize those again.

Therefore, although it sounds convenient this may sound expensive too. This is even same with most other inflight wifi providers. Then how do you overcome this situation?

Well, I cannot suggest you to stay disconnected for few hours and enjoy reading a book during your flight. Although it is good to read, it is also important to stay connected during a few hours flight. These few hours may bring you a new business opportunity.

Getting Inflight Wifi Free

How to enjoy free wifi in flight?

There are few ways that you can enjoy free wifi onboard.

Method 1: Use Wificoin Inflight Wifi App

You have a simple way to enjoy free inflight wifi. The steps are simple and easy to follow in order to enjoy free wifi during your flight.

First download the Wificoin Inflight Wifi App. Wificoin is an app that provides wifi facility over 10 airlines. Therefore you will enjoy the benefit of connecting with others during your flight. You can download the Wificoin app from App store or Google store. After you download it and start using it, there are 2 ways to earn wifi credits which you can use in your flight.

Below are the 2 ways to earn Wificoin credits.

1) By leaving a review: When you leave an honest review you can easily earn 100 credits which is redeemable for wifi usage.

2) By inviting your friends: When you invite friends to download the Wificoin app and once they sign up and purchase inflight wifi package, you will earn credits. You can easily earn 1000 credits for a successful signup.

Wificoin is available in most American airlines. It is popular as an American airlines inflight wifi provider.

Method 2: Travel with airlines that provide free inflight wifi

Do you know that there are some airlines who allow free inflight wifi? If you travel with such airlines then you can enjoy free inflight wifi for a limited duration. However it is not practical for you to enjoy wifi free in all your travels due to it is limited to few airlines. Some of the airlines that provide free inflight wifi include Qatar airways, Emirates and Philippines Airlines.

 It is not that difficult to enjoy free inflight wifi if you follow above steps and tips.

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