Kyrgyzstan-getting around

Kyrgyzstan-getting around

Kyrgyzstan can only be described as breathtaking: Green fields are next to snow-capped mountains, and wherever one is, the varied landscape provides the perfect backdrop to unique experiences.
Although tourism is increasing, the number of visitors are still so low that here definitely find peace and relaxation.
The mountain view alone is worth a trip to Kyrgyzstan, but who continue to trust himself, finds glaciers and hidden, crystal clear mountain lakes before. It is an absolute must to migrate to at least one of these blue waters. The selection is great, and walking trails crisscross the entire country.
The larger towns of Kyrgyzstan reflect two different sides of the country. Osh is located next to the border with Uzbekistan. Influences of the neighboring country and of Islam determine the life here. Bishkek, however, has changed considerably and has become fashionable, which is reflected not only in the western clothing of the young population.

Country-specific safety instructions

When traveling within all of Kyrgyzstan are advised to exercise caution. Violent clashes, for example in the context of demonstrations related to internal political developments in Kyrgyzstan, can not be ruled out across the country. It is therefore recommended to avoid crowds, after dark is no longer to be on foot and to keep themselves regularly informed of the security situation.


In the area around Tamga and Barskoon on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul (Rayon Jeti-Oguz) may occasionally occur in connection with protests against the gold mine Kumtor demonstrations and road blockades.

Also in the south of the country (Uzbek enclave Sokh or in Djalal-Abad) may result in conflicts due to the continuing stresses.

In clashes between members of the Kyrgyz and Uzbek communities in Osh and Djalal Abad provinces in June 2010, many people have been killed or injured. The former interim government had managed with difficulty to bring the situation there under control.

Also in connection with the expected early November 2015 parliamentary elections, it can occasionally lead to demonstrations and clashes.

Travel over land / road

From cross-country trips at night is not recommended because they are difficult and dangerous because of some very bad roads, landslides, the often precarious technical condition of cars in circulation and the changing climate (cold spells). The poor road conditions across the country and differs from Western European traffic driving habits mean a generally increased risk of accidents on the road. This also applies to the busy route Bishkek – Almaty.

In case of accidents (even involuntary) it must be expected that the driver is pulled criminal and civil law to justice. For foreigners then, true that you must wait before leaving under circumstances the outcome of a court case. Therefore, the message does not recommend to travel as self-propelled within Kyrgyzstan.

Travel to the areas immediately adjacent to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan areas subject to specific risks. Some border sections are mined. Even when accidentally crossing the green border to Uzbekistan in particular is consistent with law enforcement to be expected by the security authorities.

Border crossings

Border crossings can be ad hoc closed. Reliable information can not be given for this purpose, since the marginal openings or closings will be announced without a preheating time.

The Foreign Ministry would like to emphasize that this is not an international border crossing at the border crossing Karamyk to Tajikistan. In the past, the border crossing was German national, there is already often denied.


Given the significant rise in general crime particular care must be taken, especially in poor visibility locations such as pedestrian underpasses and in the dark.

In general, in the dark very poorly lit capital, Bishkek, it is in the past – especially after dark – come to robbery, to foreigners. Travelers are advised in general not to be in the dark on foot. Taxis are cheap in Bishkek and can be ordered by phone. Please be at typically frequented by foreigners places extra care (eg, near hotels, restaurants, bars). Attention also front pocket and trick thefts in the numerous bazaars. In raids is not recommended for resistance, because the violence threshold is low.

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