Attractions in Chachapoyas, Peru which you Must not Miss!!

If you plan a holiday in Peru, then Chachapoyas is one of the destinations which you must not miss. Why Chachapoyas is so unique? It is simply because of the culture and hidden gems in Chachapoyas!

If you are in arranging your tour to Peru, then don’t forget to include Chachapoyas. Below are some of the hidden gems in Chachapoyas which you can visit in your holiday.

Attractions in Chachapoyas, Peru which you must not miss

The giant waterfalls forest located in Cuispes is the best attraction you must visit in Chachapoyas. As a small village located in Chachapoyas, Cuispes include magical waterfalls which can make memories for any traveller!

Located in Amazon forest, this Cuispes village is the must visit hidden gem in Chachapoyas, Peru. The rainforest is home for the beautiful waterfalls including Yumbilla falls which is 895m in highest. It is considered as one of the highest waterfalls in the world. And do you know that you are lucky to view other world’s highest waterfalls in your same trip to Chachapoyas, Peru. Those include Chinata with 580m and Pabellón which is 400 m high.

Other than the waterfalls, you can experience the beauty of nature while you are in Cuispes. Kuelap, Gocta, Karajia,San Jeronimo sarcophagi are some other attractions which you must add to your trip to Chachapoyas, Peru!

Accommodation in Chachapoyas

If you visit Chachapoyas, then don’t forget to visit these giant waterfalls. It is a magical opportunity for anyone and don’t forget to book accommodation near to these attractions. Check La Posada de Cuispes for accommodation near Cuispes. They also will help you to plan your holiday including visits to the major attractions!

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