Living in Korea App – Ultimate Guide for Living in South Korea

Are you planning to visit Korea? A holiday in Korea can be memorable among beautiful attractions, culture and people. However, if you don’t speak Korean language, it can be tough to spend your days as it is difficult to communicate with others. If your stay in Korea is for a longer period, then you need to adjust your life with Korean lifestyle and you may feel it is difficult if you don’t have some support. However, if you have information and guide about Korea, then your life would be much easier in Korea!

Living in Korea App

With today’s digital world, we can’t forget the helpful apps which we can download for any purpose. Among the various apps about Korea, Living in Korea android app is special because it is complete guide about Korea.

Living in Korea app comes with helpful features which any foreigner in Korea look for. This app gives you helpful information about Korea and these are absolutely free! Below are some of the features of the Living in Korea app!

  • It comes with useful information about Korea
  • App includes a detailed online map and also a downloadable offline map.
  • You can also find Korean weather data using this app
  • Currency exchange calculator is another helpful feature
  • Korean radio, Korean TV and Korean News are at your fingertips when you use this Living in Korea App!
  • Don’t forget, it also comes with useful Korean phone numbers!

Have a look into Google Play and download the Living in Korea Android App for Free! Your life in South Korea will be much easier!



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