Top 10 Oldest London Pubs

Top 10 Oldest London Pubs

London is popular for its history and beer. Londoners have the tradition of gathering to a pub in the evenings. As per historical records, London pubs were run by pirates or body snatchers. But, now everything has changed. You will not find pirates as pub owners in London popular pubs. Instead, pub culture has changed a lot with modern technology. But, still there are old London pubs which you can gather in the evening for enjoying your time.

In these oldest London pubs, you will find the same traditions. Great ales, thrilling, exciting and happy company and warm rooms are some of those. If you like to read more details on each and every London oldest pubs, then check this post published by C London City. Then you will have a better idea on each and every top oldest pubs in London. Below is a quick idea about the same pubs in short in order to help you to plan your visit to London!

Top 10 Oldest London Pubs

What are the top 10 pubs in London?

Well, if you want to know the oldest pub, there is no definite record showing the oldest pub. But, we could compile the collection of 10 oldest pubs for this post. These are part of London’s great history even the great authors such as Charles Dickens spent his time while having inspiration for his life!

Established in 1546, Ye Olde Mitre in Holborn is in top of any lists for oldest London pubs. Old Bell Tavern is another pub which was established in 1670. Lamb & Flag is a pub established in 1772 and it is in Covent Garden.

Established in 1585, Spaniards Inn in Hampstead is a pub which is worth a visit. The beautiful traditional style building and small rooms will give you an authentic feeling if you visit this pub.

Other top historical pubs in London include Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, The Mayflower in Rotherhithe, The George Inn, Southwark, Angel in Rotherhithe, The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping and The Grapes, Limehouse. All these pubs have their own history and identity. Therefore it is worth to visit at least few of these pubs during your stay in London. You will not regret of your decision and travel plan!

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