Where to Stay in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, which is also known as Kyrgyzstan is in Asia and is part of the Great Central Asia. Even Kyrgyzstan is another common version of this country name. Kyrgyzstan is located south of Kazakhstan and north of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the west to the east of China.

Anyone planning to spend your holidays in Kyrgyzstan, one should not forget to pack hiking boots. Mountain freaks will venture on an expedition to the 7134 meter high Pik Lenin. However, this is only recommended for experienced hikers really, who are sure-footed even on snow and ice and of course, can do without the comfort of a hotel. Because is slept in simple tents and camp Camps with extra thick sleeping bags.

Kyrgyzstan-getting around

KigisistanWeniger Sporty and adventure seekers should look only times in the capital Bishkek. Originally a caravanserai on the Silk Road, Bishkek has almost one million inhabitants. A hotel or accommodation can be found in a guest house here not difficult. Lively bustle reigns in the streets and cafes. Although built in a typical Soviet-style has a pleasant Bishkek, modern feel.

Without Wanderlust one should rather not travel to Kyrgyzstan, because nature here is unique.

Here you will find lots of offers for an unforgettable tour of Kyrgyzstan or even Kyrgyzstan. Relax by the crystal clear mountain lake Issyk Kul, experience the ancient oasis cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, cross the Amu Darya and enjoy a picnic in the desert. These experiences are unforgettable.

You have the choice of countless hotels throughout Kyrgyzstan. Most hotels offer European standard and are equipped with professional trained staff that will spoil you all around.

Special joy makes it, one of mountain animals to get on the track and to capture the photo. Wolves, bears, lynx, eagles and falcons can meet here and with a little luck, even the rare snow leopard.

Through endless steppes run your journeys through Kyrgyzstan, if you continue by jeep, van or motorcycle in the direction of Kazakhstan. Who does not want only to the mountains, and beautiful walks, through the largest walnut forests in the world in this, otherwise sparsely wooded country companies. Easy to search from home via the Internet, a hotel room is a little difficult in Kyrgyzstan, because tourism is not very developed. Not more than 40,000 guests, mostly individual travelers every year visit the Central Asian country. There are also a few thousand groups of friends, for the few hotels have been reserved in the cities often. Nevertheless, it is no problem to find in a guesthouse or lodge accommodation, only have these mostly do not have Internet connection.

If you love nature and the mountains and wants to spend his holiday far away from mass tourism, should travel to Kyrgyzstan. He will not regret it!

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